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Mrs. Dolores Griffith – 2nd

Second Grade just returned from Niagara Falls with the Boxcar Children.  We solved another mystery.  We are looking forward to our next adventure.  Where to go?































Playing the Sheet Game.  Which punctuation mark goes with this sentence?


Math-Common core pg. 119

Spelling-Reader’s Notebook-pg. 97

Handwriting-page 90

Grammar-do sheet

Religion-study Reconciliation book pages 1-4

Return Mass paper/ EDDD/BYOD


Math-Common Core pg. 118, odds

Spelling- Reader’s Notebook pg. 94

Religion-study s-cb pg. 30 for test, glance through Reconciliation Book


Math- PIM pg. 110, 4-13

Spelling-RN pg. 91

HW-trace and finish sheet, test pgs 82-88, MON.

Religion-study for test

Grammar- finish sheet, test on Friday

BR + Tests signed/GYM


Math- Progress In Math page 108, 4-13

Handwriting-trace and finish page 87

Religion-study pages 196+199, Study-copybook page 37, test Thurs.

Grammar-test on Friday



Homework 01-08-18

Math-Simple solutions page 60

Reading-Close Reader pages 26 + 27 and do vocabulary sheet

Handwriting-do q sheet

Religion-color Nativity sheet

Hopefully see you tomorrow!





September 11, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to second grade!  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mrs. Dolores Griffith.  I am very excited to have your child in my class this year.

Second grade is a large responsibility, not only for me as a teacher but also for your child.  With your cooperation, the transition into the new year will go smoothly.

Please read the details below so we can work together to make this a successful and enjoyable year for your child.

  1. The student will write his/her homework in the Student Homework Book. I publish homework on stlaurentius.org (Faculty-Mrs. Griffith).    All written homework should be completed in the H- copybook unless otherwise stated.   The H-folder should be returned daily.  There will be a folder marked SH.  This folder is to be used for all worksheets that have been completed as homework or seatwork.  These sheets would be advantageous to save for the final testing at the end of second grade.  Please find a safe designated spot at home for this folder.
  2. Test folders and behavioral calendars will be sent home on Wednesdays. Please sign and return on Thursdays.  Second   graders receive demerits and serve detention.  I will give further explanation of the behavior policy at Back to School night.
  3. Birthdays are celebrated! If you wish, your child may bring in cupcakes, munchkins or fruit to class.  We have seventeen students in our class this year.
  4. All soft workbooks, copybooks and folders are to be covered in clear contact paper.  All textbooks (Journeys and dictionary) must be covered in brown paper only.  I will stagger small and large books to go home so schoolbags are not too heavy.  Book socks are acceptable.
  5. For Friday, September 15, please have your child bring in pictures, magazine and newspaper clippings that describe their likes, hobbies and activities for a class project.
  6. Just a reminder that the summer math assignment is due Thursday, September 14th and summer reading assignment is due by Friday, September 15th.
  7. In 2nd grade the 100 Book Challenge is now called the Home Reading Program. We record minutes read not the number of books.  Your child may start the program as soon as the $3.00 for the folder is received.

Please respond to the remind.com sheet so you may receive announcements and updates from me.

I do ask the parents/guardians to please call the school office or send in a note if you would like to have a conference with me.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

Thank you for your cooperation.  I am looking forward to meeting you at the Back to School Night.  Together we can make your second grader put their best foot forward.


Mrs. Dolores Griffith